5 Reasons and Benefits of Solar Panels Installation in Arizona

benefits of solar panels

Benefits of Solar Panels Installation in Arizona

Today Total solutions will discuss 5 Reasons and Benefits of Solar Panels Installation Solar Panels in Arizona. if you are someone who lives in Arizona, there’s one thing you can be thankful for Sunlight, There’s plenty of it in the state.

So much so, that in order to utilize this source of energy, Arizona has been making some strides in the solar energy department.

According to a figure by Solar Energy Industries Association. Arizona has installed enough solar panels to power more than 800,000 homes. Optimistic figures like these do provide all the more reasons to go solar if you are a resident of Arizona.

Thinking of installing a solar panel for your home? Well, you are certainly thinking right. With a set of initiatives, around solar energy, already in play, the solar power industry is expected to grow manifolds in the coming days.

So we at Total Solutions thought of bringing up some amazing benefits of solar panels and all the more reasons to invest in solar panels for your own household.

1. Ample Sunlight

A fellow Arizonian is aware of the fact that Arizona is one of the sunniest states in the country. With an average of 300 days of sunshine in a year, there’s no shortage of sunlight in the state.

The ample amount of sunlight makes the solar panels much more effective in the state. To give you a perspective, solar panels in Arizona produce 70% more energy than solar panels in states like New York. Since there’s abundant sunlight, you might even get a better solar output in a lesser number of panels.

2. Cost Savings

Another benefit of solar panels installation is that it’s no surprise that solar energy can actually help you save some essential bucks on your energy bills. With the onset of summers, Arizonians tend to get a higher amount of bills due to increased energy consumption.

With a solar panel working on your roof you can save up to $125 on your energy bills.

3. Saving The Planet, One Panel A Time. 

It won’t be an unprecedented revelation when we say that our planet Earth is succumbing to greenhouse gases.

When you opt for solar energy for your home, you opt for a cleaner, greener and better planet for the upcoming generations. An average household in America emits tonnes of carbon a year. Replace it with solar energy and you end up reducing the carbon footprint from your home by 4-5 metric tonnes. Isn’t that amazing?

4. Earn Energy Credits

It won’t be necessarily that you end up using all the energy that the solar panels generate.

During the winter months, when the sun still shines bright in Arizona and the energy consumption is reduced, you actually can save up on a lot of generated energy.

You can contact your utility company and they will provide you with energy credits against all that extra power that you have generated.

5. Tax Incentives

You might be aware of the fact that solar energy users are rewarded with tax incentives in the state. However, this tax incentive is reducing gradually and soon might even be a thing of the past. As of now, if you pay income taxes, you can claim 26% of your tax liability on your solar panel cost after other incentives and that are another benefits of solar panels

You might like to hop on the solar wagon before it leaves the stop then.


Now that you have all the more reasons to go solar and leaned the benefits of solar panels, we’re here to assist you with all your queries.

If you are someone who still has some questions regarding the installation of solar panels for your household, reach out to us today. Our experts will guide you through the entire process.

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