Solar Panel Installation in Arizona

Solar energy is being increasingly recognized for its long list of benefits across Arizona. Leading the energy production scenario, solar energy is playing a growing part in making efficient energy a possibility.

An interesting trend showcased by several households across the region is the decision towards solar panel installation. Positive outcomes of the rooftop systems installation are a major factor that impacts this decision, such as:

  • Reduction in electricity bills
  • Minimal use of water
  • Reducing the carbon footprint
  • Considerable minimizing of fossil fuel dependency

In addition to these, another reason why Arizonians are making their way to solar panel installation is the associated rise in value of their homes.

Yes, that’s right! According to certain reports, homes in Arizona that have solar panels installed sell for 4.1% more than similar homes that do not have a solar panel installation.
No doubt there are high costs associated with a solar panel installation, but these are more so covered or offset by the associated rise in home value.

Even among the Arizonian home buyers, there is a tendency to prefer owned solar panels over leased ones. Homebuyers seek homes with outrightly owned solar systems, which saves them from hassles of entering into third party agreement otherwise.

How does the home value increase post a solar panel installation in Arizona?

Having read the above, it might be simple to understand why solar panel installation in Arizona can increase your home value:

  1. Solar panels are often associated with significant future savings for people who otherwise spend a lot on power consumption.
  2. Solar panel installation enjoys a high ‘environmentally sound’ position in the market which is a great factor for home buyers bent towards reducing their carbon footprint.
  3. The installation gives the owner the benefit of decreased dependence on the power grid.

Such benefits are simply hard to ignore, and thereby a high proportion of households in Arizona are now upgrading their homes through the installation of solar panels.

How much can you actually save with a solar panel installation?

Yes, this is a must-to-know before you decide whether to install solar panels at your house or not to.
Certain definite answers must be sought for reaching to a conclusion:

  1. How much is your current energy usage through the month?
  2. What is the cost-benefit analysis given your average monthly energy usage bill
  3. What are the general experiences in your particular region of residence?
  4. What type of solar panel installation can be well managed by you at your house?

In addition to these points, one must consider the many favorable state-sponsored tax credits available. Also, several equipment tax exemptions are provided to Arizonians for saving money with their solar panel installation. Another fact that works in favor of solar panels is the availability of loans and monthly installment options alongside cash payments for your solar panel installation.

Solar panels are widely preferred by the state authorities owing to their clean energy resource benefits. The rapid changes in the global environment scenario require such concerted steps towards responsible energy usage in the long run.

It is indeed a good time to ascertain whether installing a residential solar panel is feasible for you or not. You could also consider taking expert advice on your solar panel installation decision from a trusted solar solutions provider in Arizona.

Where to find the best solar panel installation?

If you are looking for professional installation services that come with customer-centric servicing, prompt processing and custom-made solutions, you are at the right place. The expert team at Total Solutions helps you analyse, determine and assess the type and size of solar panels fit for your house. Your way to hassle-free solar panel installation starts with Total Solutions.


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