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Arizona Solar Panel Installers

Top-Rated Solar Installers in Arizona

Despite Arizona boasting abundant renewable energy resources, high cost of energy is a major concern for residential, commercial and industrial consumers. Traditional energy sources including natural gas, nuclear power, and coal still account for much of the state’s utility-scale net generation. Renewable energy, including solar provided only 13% of the state’s electricity net generation in 2018. However, the energy generation landscape is now gradually shifting. More consumers are now leveraging the availability of abundant sunshine to install solar energy systems. Leading Arizona solar installers like Total Solutions are the forefront of this new energy trend by supplying the expertise, equipment and technology required.

Reasons for the popularity of Solar Installation in AZ

The Grand Canyon State enjoys close to 300 sunny days per year. This natural source of energy has made this one of the top regions for solar output. Arizona ranks among the top five states with Sunniest Cities in The US.

Other reasons why solar is the best choice in Arizona include:

  1. Great incentives and rebates: Homeowners and businesses can apply for solar tax incentives worth up to 25% of the cost of the solar panels up to $1000. There’s an extra 26% tax credit from the Federal Government.
  2. Cost-saving benefits of solar: Solar energy is a cheap and affordable source of energy, and consumers can save over 25 years, consumers can save $25,000 in electricity.
  3. Environmentally friendly energy: Businesses and homeowners can lower their carbon footprint by installing solar energy systems for clean energy. It cuts reliance on fossil fuels for a safer and cleaner environment. 
  4. Cheap installation: Working with an established AZ solar installation company saves you a lot of money. With the multiple incentives, tax credits and rebates, you will find the cost of solar installation is among the lowest in the country.
  5. Boost your property’s value: Homeowners today look for energy-efficiency properties. Installing a solar system can increase your home by about 2-3%.
  6. Reliable power supply: You don’t have to worry about disruptions to the grid power supply.

Professional Solar Panel Installation Arizona

Working with licensed solar installers offers immense benefits, including:

  1. Reliable solutions: Your solar installation company has the expertise, technology and equipment to install solar panels. They also have trained and licensed technicians to undertake the project.
  2. Experience: Look for a company with a solid reputation and a strong client base. An experienced company has a list of referrals, and this assures you of their capacity.
  3. Safety: If you are not a licensed electrician, it’s advisable to leave the professionals to complete the job. Procuring the photovoltaic panels, setting them up and connecting the power system requires technical skills.  Licensed technicians understand the safety precautions to take to protect themselves and the client’s property.
  4. Warranty coverage: Working with a licensed solar installer protects the warranty coverage on the photovoltaic panels and any other devices.

Arizona Solar Installation Experts

Planning a solar installation project in Arizona, contact us today at Total Solutions for reliable, safe, and guaranteed solar installation.

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