Solar Energy

At present, solar power has gained high popularity because it aids businesses as well as homeowners to minimize carbon footprint and electricity bills. It is considered as the best investment for getting better and reliable energy source in the future. Regardless of the betterment and growth of solar power, several misconceptions are present there. The “Total Solution” is going to assist you and aware of these misconceptions so that you can able to make better decisions about it. As we want you to understand that what are the drawbacks before making adequate decisions to buy them. Solar power misconceptions that are very common to overhear are: 

Costly equipment – Cost of the solar equipment installation is going down so you don’t require to be rich to get benefits from solar systems. Presently, the middle class and working people are the most frequent buyers, the people who can able to afford electricity bills are not concerning about it as who wants or seeking savings is highly motivated. Although, many more ways and choices are available within the market place which makes the solar systems affordable so that all people would like to switch to use renewable energy. 

Financing solar equipment – To buy a solar system you need cash is a myth. The majority of buying solar equipment is financed by several unions like federal credit unions who concentrate on financing renewable energy. The house owners prefer to choose a loan option which is based on monthly payments which are lower than the electric bills. It offers free taxes credit bridge loans and there are no penalties for early payments. Financing of solar equipment is very simple as most of the customers of “Total Solutions” have financed this. As we also assist them and all individuals to ascertain which loan is good for you while you make decisions to buy solar systems. 

Tax credits – On the individual owner’s taxable income, the applicability of federal as well as state tax credits is around 26%. The tax return will never be higher than the tax amount which the owner has owed or paid. Hence, adopters will get back their own money only and this kind of tax credit will never be taken from others who will not purchase solar systems. Also, the government has various incentives as well as programs to encourage business and house owners to switch their electricity to renewable sources of energy. The company “Total Solutions” presents all the tax enticements which you are entitled for. With the help of these programs and information, you will able to understand that what will be the ROI (Return on Investment) on it and how much your system will cost you.

Solar power can be used in only warmer climates – As the temperature has not affected solar equipment and on the power generated as well. These systems are highly efficient in cooler temperatures. 

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