Solar Arizona Residents

Arizona is a great state to benefit from solar energy for so many reasons. Firstly, because of our abundant sunshine. Here in Arizona, we have seen how fast and often utility costs increase, but with solar energy we are protected from these rising costs. Solar energy also provides us with the opportunity to take advantage of various rebates. That’s money right back in your pocket! In addition, utilizing this solar power reduces dependence on finite fossil fuels with a limited impact on the environment. Arizona is the perfect place to make an environmentally responsible change.

Solar Arizona

With our solar installations you are provided with a sense of security and reliability.We have an advantage living in Arizona, solar energy is reliable year-round. Even in the summer when electricity costs are at their peak, having solar energy reduces these expenses greatly.Other forms of electricity raise concern in regard to dependence on finite resources, dependence on imports from few countries and the effects on the environment.Solar installation is clean and secure. It is not detrimental to the environment and provides high long-term reliability. In addition, with our solar installations you are adding value to your home without increasing property taxes. These panels also come with a warranty to make you feel more secure.


With current state and federal incentives, you could benefit from various rebates that will save you money. Net-metering is your opportunity to sell excess energy back to your utility, an Arizona law. To find out the benefits personalized to your family and home, contact us at Total Solutions right away for a one on one consultation. Total Solutions also offers help with insulation repair, duct work and roofing concerns.

Total Solutions is available to help you take full advantage of these solar energy opportunities in Arizona. Contact us today at 602-321-5403. We have flexible times and days available for your convenience.

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