Why Are Solar Panels Better Than Electricity bills?

Solar Panels better than electricity

Homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to cut the cost of home maintenance. Energy use at home is one of the largest expense in your home’s maintenance. With more reliance on costly electricity for virtually every system and appliance, an alternative source of energy would come in handy.

If you’re in Arizona, you’re lucky because this is one of the leading solar states. Today, the Grand Canyon State ranks among the top five solar energy producers. This means solar power installation is easier and more affordable here.

So, is solar panel installation better than relying on regular electricity?

This post explores different factors that prove the viability of solar over grid electricity.


Solar panels in Arizona can save you up to 100% on electricity because of the availability of sunlight for most days of the year. Cities in Arizona boast many sunshine days with Yuma, AZ, ranking as the sunniest city in the world.

This abundance of sunshine makes solar panels viable because they can generate a lot of electricity to power your home’s energy needs. With solar panels, you can save yourself from the increasing cost of electricity.  You can install a system to get you off the grid completely or choose a hybrid solar system.

Reliable Power Supply

What happens in case of extreme weather incidents? In many cases, such incidents lead to power outages. There are also instances when the grid system suffers other issues which lead to outages. These can be frustrating and can also lead to damage to electrical systems in your home.

With solar panels in place, you have reliable power supply. If you invest in the best solar energy storage system, you can store excess power or even sell it off to the grid. Solar panels offer reliable power for your home at a lower cost.

If you have suffered the inconvenience of power outages, you appreciate why solar panels are a smart investment. Total Solutions is the leading solar panel installer in Arizona and has the personnel and equipment to handle any solar energy project.

Positive Environmental Impact

Over the last few decades, global warming has become a major talking point across the world. One of the major causes of emissions that have fueled global warming is the use of fossil fuels. The extraction, processing and use of fossil fuels pollutes the environment and causes devastating damage that’s irreversible.

When you rely on electricity bills, you contribute to environmental degradation. Production of electricity for the grid consumes a lot of energy generated by burning fossil fuels. Solar energy provides a cleaner energy alternative. Harnessing solar energy not only gives you economic benefits but also helps in environmental conservation.

Increase the Value of Your Home

The modern home buyer is conscious about matters to do with the environment. If you wish to sell your home in the future, consider adding features that make it more energy efficient. Solar panels increase the value of your home.

Higher ROI

The initial cost of solar panel installation might be high but you should consider this as a long-term investment. Once you install the solar panels, you can break your dependence on the electricity grid and forget about electricity bills.

The system harnesses a natural resource and pays for itself over time. For electricity bills, this is money you spend every month without any returns. Once the solar panels pay for themselves, the cost-savings you make are returns on the investment.

When you compare solar panels with electricity bills, consider one is an investment while the other is only a factor of consumption. If you’re to sell your home, you can get a better price because of the solar power system.

There’s no doubt that solar panels emancipate you from dependence on the electricity grid. Total Solutions ensures you enjoy these benefits through comprehensive solar solutions from an energy audit, design, financing options, supply of hardware, installation and maintenance of your solar panels.


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