What Should You Know Before Buying Solar Panels?

Solar Panels

Are you thinking about buying solar panels for your home or commercial property? This post will help you learn all the important aspects of solar panels.

It is justifiable to say that installing solar panels is the best way to lower your energy bill and protect against increasing power prices. Due to advances in technology and tax incentives, the prices of solar panels have been declining in recent years.

Why Solar is your best option?

  • Solar panels will help you save money on energy bills
  • Solar power offers environmental benefits
  • Solar power allows you to be energy independent
  • Solar panels are easy to install and safe to use.
  • Solar Panels are reliable
  • Solar panels can be used to generate electricity at any time and meet all our energy needs.

Here are a few important factors you need to consider before buying solar panels:

How many solar panels do I need?

The answer to this question depends on several factors; how much energy your house uses; the available surface area of your roof; the atmosphere and sunlight in your area. You can look at your past utility bill to determine your energy requirements.

When you work with Total Solutions, all of those measurements will be done by our solar experts with your assistance.

Choose a reputable solar company for solar panels installation

Renowned Solar companies know the best materials to use and the best devices to combine with their solar panels like inverters and batteries. A professional solar installer will ensure that the solar panel is correctly mounted for years to last.

Roof’s Suitability for Solar

The truth is that not all of the roofs suit well for solar panels. You should check your roof is not surrounded by trees, buildings, or any other objects such as pipes or chimneys that are sometimes in the wrong place and get in the way of the sun.

The experts at Total Solutions will assess your roof and provide you indications about how well the panels will perform on your roof.

.Solar Installation timeline

The solar installation process includes a few key steps to ensure that your solar panels are well suited to your property. Your solar company will perform preliminary tasks before starting installation such as inspection of your property.

At Total Solutions, the first step of the solar installation process is setting up an appointment with our solar experts to meet with you at your home. Our experts will do an inspection of your property and go over all questions and concerns you may have. The company’s representative will then show you contract and warranties if you so choose to move forward. Total Solutions team will work with your local municipalities after assessment and design are out of the way to approve permitting paperwork leading up to your installation. You can read solar installation steps our team follows.

Contact us if you are ready to switch to Solar Energy. Our team of highly experienced solar professionals will help you install solar panels, keeping things simple and stress-free from start to finish.


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