How to save on energy usage in Arizona?

How to save on energy usage in Arizona?

Total solutions can show you some amazing ways to save on energy usage.

Reduce or eliminate energy bills

Living in Arizona is amazing and most everyday is a sunny one!

On a daily basis, we generate a lot more energy than we consume. Wouldn’t it be great to benefit our pocketbooks from it? Even if you live somewhere cloudy, such locations typically receive more than two hours of sunlight per day, while sunny locations receive an average of 6.5 hours of sunlight per day. That energy gets pulled in regardless.

Although sunny days will produce more solar energy, solar panels will continue to draw energy even when the weather is cloudy. Indirect, or diffused, sunlight will still help to power your home. 20% of energy is still produced even on super cloudy days.

Earn tax credits and rebates

Total solutions can show you how big of a benefit these can be, and that the solar panels are actually paying you. To start, you will get 30 percent of total system costs back from equipment and installation as a federal income tax credit when you file your taxes. Not to mention the Arizona state credit for installing the panels.

Combine this with state and local rebates and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and total costs can be cut in half. The SRECs are generated throughout the year, and you can sell them to utility companies, which generates a very impressive return on the initial investment.No matter where you live, you most likely have some amazing tax credits for solar. Take advantage of them while you still can.

We project an increase in solar installationsup to 50 percent by the year 2032. In addition, the utility companies will also be increasing prices several times per year.

The investment has a payback period of only 4 years, while the solar panels have a warranty of 20 years and useful life of 25 years—which means you generate free electricity and extra credits for 20+ years. It’s hard to beat. It’s both socially responsible and economically profitable.

Total solutions also offer a no out of pocket installation, where the company will front all of the money for the panels and installation. This is a good option for homeowners who do not want to make the initial investment or would prefer a no-money-down option. In addition, if your home needs roof work, insulation or duct work, we can help you find the best solution and do bundle pricing.

Start saving from day one

Annual energy costs can be in the thousands. In fact, the average annual energy expenditure per person is $3,089, including transportation and residential energy. Solar power can reduce or eliminate these costs as soon as they are installed. They also offer long-term savings, because it’s basically free to capture the power of the sun.

Solar panels significantly improve your resale value. Most home buyers understand what a home with solar panels means—especially because the system is already in place and they didn’t have to make the initial investment and installation. According to research, most homeowners see a huge resale value increase per installed kilowatt. That means if you install a 15 kilowatt system, you could improve your home’s resale value by nearly $20,000 or more.

Solar panels also extend the life of a roof, because they protect from the elements, such as rain, snow and debris. They make the house more energy-efficient in the summer because the hot sun is not beating down on the roof directly—it is instead being absorbed by the panels, keeping the house temperature lower.

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