Ways to Optimize Your Solar Panel performance

Ways to optimize your solar panel

Electricity is the greatest expense in home maintenance. From appliances, lighting, security systems, doors to window systems, heating and cooling, your home in Arizona uses a lot of electric energy. Luckily, you can harness the abundant sunshine through a solar panel system to power your home.

Arizona is a leader in solar energy generation which means solar technology and hardware is readily available. You can leverage the multiple solar incentives and falling costs of solar projects to enjoy cheaper electricity throughout the year.

To get the best value for money from the solar panels, learn how to optimize and maintain their efficiency. Here are some effective ways to improve the performance of your solar panels.

Position the Solar Panels Correctly

Before the installation of solar panels, the solar installer has to determine your home’s direction in relation to the sun. Many homeowners in Arizona don’t get maximum output from their solar panels because the array faces the wrong direction.

Traditionally, south-facing panel installation has been the popular option for the solar panels to capture maximum sunlight. Southward panel placement is the best to leverage sun exposure for the most part of the day. These panels can generate sunlight even in winter when the sun is low. As the sun moves from east to west, the panels capture much light throughout the day.

One concern about the south-facing panels is the fact that the panels produce power when it’s not needed. There are calls for more west-facing panels which would produce electricity during the hottest part of the day and when most homes need it. It all comes down to your home’s energy usage.

Invest in Solar Energy Storage

One downside of renewables is intermittency. For instance, solar energy generation relies on availability of sunlight. At night when most homes need electricity, the solar panels can’t generate it. Solar energy batteries are now solving this problem with higher capacity products now available on the market.

You can optimize your solar panels by storing as much energy as possible. This means you get more value out of the solar panels. With solar energy storage, the system pays for itself much faster. You can finally get completely off-grid and save more money.

Invest in High-Efficiency Solar Panels

When you design your solar energy project with Total Solutions, AZ, one of the main considerations is the quality of hardware used. The company supplies high-efficiency solar panels for all its projects to guarantee higher output and reliability.

The average solar cell efficiency has increased from about 15% to 20% over the last few years. The higher efficiency panels might be more costly but you get higher ROI. To optimize your solar energy system, invest in the best solar panels to enjoy incredible returns.

Maintain Your Solar Panels Clean

To increase electricity generation from a solar panel, ensure there’s direct exposure to sunlight. Solar panels have to withstand exposure to the elements and with time, they collect dirt and this can affect sunlight absorption.

By cleaning the solar panels regularly, you can boost their efficiency and enjoy more energy to your home. Any shading on the surface of the solar panel reduces its capacity significantly. Total Solutions offers the most reliable solar panel maintenance to keep the installation in optimal condition.

While solar energy promises huge savings in your home maintenance budget, you can only enjoy the benefits with proper maintenance of the panels. These tips will boost the performance of your solar panels which in turn leads to increased electricity generation.

For professional solar installation, financing and maintenance in Arizona, contact us today at Total Solutions. We’re your one-stop-shop for all matters solar in the region.

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