Sun Tracker Arizona

Sun Tracking solar panels follow the sun throughout a day to get most of the energy of the sun as possible. The tracking system helps to move panels during the day for keeping them sun-facing.

Sun Tracking solar panels are gaining popularity; however Total Solutions team does not consider them as the best choice for most of the commercial properties and households because of the following reasons:

            These are likely to fail: The moving solar panels are less prone to success in comparison of fixed-tilt systems because it requires more care and daily inspections along with the regular basis maintenance to keep all machines and parts in a better working manner. On the contrary, fixed-tilt solar panels need very less care excepting the occasional review. Sun Tracking solar systems are reinforced on the turning platforms along with the wheels which are motorized by the mechanical drive to move platforms with rounded stations or channels. Solar energy mechanism is projected for at least 20 years and a lot of time to gather up with automated parts. In a comparison of fixed-tilt parts, the Sun Tracking system has more chances of experiencing failure because of its moving parts and pieces.

            The high cost of tracking system: To know about the effectiveness of Sun Tracking solar panels, a fixed-tilt solar system is considered as a basis of comparison. Moving panels are and will always be costly or result in some kind of additional fees. This is mainly because of the machines and parts of the Sun Tracking solar system that are more expensive to make stationary varieties, mainly for those part which tracks the sun on more than one axis. Over the uses of moving systems, the operational as well as maintenance costs tend to be high in comparison to upkeep expenses for fixed panels.

Effective solar panels for your property:

It depends on your property and unique energy needs. In most of the cases, the fixed-tilt ground solar system is considered as the most effective panel as it requires less maintenance and are often less expensive.

Sun Tracking solar panels can be a good option if

  • Additional cost and on-going maintenance is not an issue for you.
  • You do not have large space in your roof or you want to minimize the space you have to devote to solar systems.

To find the best solar option for your property, contact Total Solutions for the free consultation today.

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