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Solar Panels in Columbus | Homeowners Guide to Solar Panels

The average resident of Ohio spends about 0.12 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) translating to about 892 kilowatts (kW) per month. Ohio ranks 26th in the electricity price at about 12.38¢ per kWh. These numbers highlight the need for an alternative source of power and solar ranks as the best option. Solar panels Columbus can save you around $945.87 per year.

But the major question most homeowners ask is, do solar panels work in Columbus City?

Is Columbus too Cloudy?

Ohio receives about 1900 to 2400 hours of sunlight annually, translating to an average of 70 clear days. This is 11% lower than the national average. The cloudy nature of this area seems to dim the viability of solar power installation.

However, even with this fewer total sunlight hours, a residential solar panels Columbus project should top your home improvements. There’s a reason Ohio is now a growing solar energy market. More people have embraced renewable technology to enjoy lower electricity bills.

Solar installers in the state compare the total sunlight hours here (1900 to 2400) with those of Germany (average 1738 hours of sunlight). Still, Germany has emerged as a solar energy powerhouse despite the low sunshine.

How to Determine Viability of Solar for your Home

This is still a major investment for your home, and you have to determine if it adds value. Your solar installer in Columbus City comes in handy when you test and design your home’s solar project. Here are some factors to consider.

1. Do a Shade Analysis

One of the essential steps solar energy system design or analysis is a shade analysis. This involves an assessment of any shade by surrounding objects, trees, or other features might cause which affect the photovoltaics.

A shadow reduces the output of the entire panel system, and this reduces the cost benefits of the investment. At the planning phase, your solar contractor helps calculate and determine the best positioning and location of solar panels to minimize shading.

The 40th degree latitude location of Columbus, Ohio means solar panels should face directly south at a 30-degree angle to generate maximum electricity. This output is possible if there’s no shading.

2. Total Number of Solar Panels

For maximum efficiency of your solar energy installation, install the optimum number. Your solar installer helps determine the number by first determine your household’s hourly energy requirement. They then multiply the energy required by the peak sunlight hours. The installer then divides the total by a panel’s wattage.

3. Buying Vs. Leasing

Another consideration is whether to buy the solar panels and hardware or lease through a Power Purchase Agreement option. Buying means you own the system from the start, but you need more upfront capital. In leasing, (Power Purchase Agreement), the third party company owns the system.

Your choice solar panels Columbus ownership determines total cost, maintenance costs, and savings/returns on investment of the solar energy system.

Final Thoughts

While Columbus, OH, might not boast the best Total Hours of sunlight, a solar energy system is still a viable home improvement project. With a Solar system, you’ll notice a significant decrease in your electricity bill. This is also an improvement that lowers your home’s carbon footprint, saves the environment, and boosts your home’s value. You shouldn’t wait any longer to go solar.

Contact Total Solutions, Columbus solar installers for all your solar needs in Ohio.

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