Solar Panel Repair

You’ve made the best investment through the installation of solar power panels, now protect that investment with scheduled solar panel repair and maintenance. The production and lifespan of high power solar panel solely depend on standard preventive maintenance and service by skilled technicians.

The solar panel maintenance should be carried out to keep the system performing at top standards and is usually quite simple. Bird droppings, pollen, dust, and dirt can bond to panels resulting in poor solar output. Pollen is especially stubborn and should be cleaned before it buildup on the panels.

Some people question the need for planned solar panels repair and maintenance, depending on rain to do the needful. However, there are numerous reasons this edict of thought may be flawed: the rain don’t typically coincide with times when pollen and dust are at their nastiest and rain isn’t a trustworthy method for removing pollen and parched bird droppings.

Cleaning and repair of solar panels should be handled with resources that won’t harm or scratch the surface of the panel. As the scrubbing is essential, the maintenance company should use the premium quality mops, taking care to amend them out frequently, minimizing the risk of scratches while cleaning.

Regular Inspections can also be performed at time of solar panel cleaning to check for cracks and failing seals. This is vital for prolonging the valuable life of the panels. Water seepage into a botched silicone seal or broken panel can harm the cells making them futile and ensuing in the need for a substitute.

Solar Panel Repair

Solar power panels have less number of parts. Lesser parts means less things can go wrong. However nearly no man-made product is eternal, and throughout the life of your amazing green solar panel system there may be a call for repairs due to:

  • flawed wiring
  • burned out battery terminals
  • heat desertion
  • splintered glass

Wiring troubles may result from bad quality wires or wires that are too small, oxidation, corrosion, or that are too slackly connected. Also, the Solar batteries can burn out in the same way as the car batteries do. In very hot temperature, extreme heat from the sun can cause overheating which lowers down energy production. At times winds can result in gravel and flying rocks which can break the panels. Small tear from wind damage can be easily repaired using glass tape, but wide damage may need you to change an entire panel with a new one.

To make sure that your solar panels are well cared for, search for a solar panel repair and maintenance experts near you.

Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance in Arizona

Total Solutions provides a wide variety of solar equipment for every solar installation and maintenance need. Contact us for all your solar repair and maintenance needs in Arizona. 

To get the maximum out of your investment, be definite to do usual maintenance and make needed repairs when you initially spot a problem.


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