Ohio Solar Installers

Ohio Solar Installers 

Ohio ranks lowly for solar energy generation and ranks 28th in the nation. It is among the top 10 states generating the most electricity, but solar only makes 0.48% of the state’s electricity. However, the trend continues to change with more favorable government policies.

Solar installers in Ohio play a critical role in the increasing adoption of solar energy. They are at the core of the state’s plans to produce 12.5% of electricity from renewable resources by 2027.

This post looks at the reasons to use Ohio Solar installers and offers tips to choose the best solar energy installer.

Why Go Solar in Ohio?

If you’re a resident of Ohio, it makes sense to go solar now to enjoy the cost benefits associated with the renewable energy. Solar is also clean energy and helps protect Planet Earth.

With incentives such as the solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) and the federal solar tax credit, the cost of solar continues to fall, which promises better ROI for your project.

Your Ohio solar installer is always at hand to help you determine the viability of solar for your home based on electricity needs for your home, location, roof type and other factors. These professionals understand the solar energy policies and by-laws that guide solar energy installations in every city.

Why You Need an Ohio Solar Panel Installer

You might have watched many DIY solar panel installation videos online, which make the project look easy. However, if you talk to most people who have tried DIY solar installation, you’ll realize the importance of using a certified solar energy technician. Some advantages of using professional solar installers include:

  1. Professional expertise/experience in solar power systems.
  2. Tailored/custom solar system installation.
  3. Insured and bonded services which protect you and your property.
  4. Licensing and certification guarantees professional installation and the safety of your home.
  5. Faster turnaround because the solar installer has the prerequisite equipment for the job.
  6. Protection of the warranty coverage for your solar energy system. Some solar PV panel manufacturers insist on professional installation.
  7. Peace of mind: You enjoy peace of mind knowing there’s a trained and certified technician working on the solar installation in your home.
  8. Technical support: You enjoy reliable technical support during and after the solar installation.

Your solar installer works with you from the consultation stage, design, material procurement, installation, testing an approval of your home’s solar project.

Choosing the Right Solar Installer in Ohio

With the increase in adoption of solar energy, many companies now offer solar installation in Ohio. To choose the best for your project, consider:

  1. Technical expertise
  2. Experience in local solar energy projects
  3. Certification by NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) and SEI (Solar Energy International) or other reputable industry organizations.
  4. Look for service guarantees
  5. Read online reviews and testimonials and also check the local BBB for accreditation
  6. Look for a solar installer who offers a range of services from solar panel installation, solar air conditioners, solar water heaters and other solar energy solutions.
  7. Shop for quotes from different companies

Wrapping Up

Solar Panel installation is one of the smartest decisions you can make to improve your Ohio home. The project pays for itself in the long run and you reduce reliance on the grid while saving money on electricity. To enjoy these benefits, use a certified solar installer in Ohio.

Contact Total Solutions, Solar Installers in Columbus, at (888) 973-4754 for all your solar needs in Ohio.

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