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Thinking of going solar in Columbus, OH? This is one of the smartest upgrades for your home. While Ohio has a lot of cloudy days, research shows there’s enough light for enough days for solar systems to work. Your home solar system saves you money, reduces reliance on the national grid and helps contribute to the environment. To enjoy these benefits, use a reliable solar installer in the city.

With higher demand for solar installations, more contractors have set up shop in the city. Using the best installer guarantees your system developers maximum output for the best ROI. Such systems are also safer and have a longer life span.

This post suggests factors to consider when looking for a solar installer in Columbus, Ohio.


The best solar system contractor has the prerequisite training and experience in handling different solar systems. Different clients have unique solar power installation requests and only a qualified solar company can handle such diverse requirements.

For instance, some homeowners want a grid inter-tied system while others want a solar system with a battery backup. Others want an off-grid solar system and all these projects require a different set of skills.

To determine if a solar installer has the required skills, look for Solar PV Installation Professional Certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners’ (NABCEP’s) or other associations.

Track Record/Experience

Has the solar installer worked in Columbus or the surrounding areas? The experience of an electrical contractor is critical and determines the quality of services they provide. The best solar installer has years of experience handling solar PV panels and other hardware involved.

These professionals understand the trends in the solar industry and help you leverage the latest technology for improved energy efficiency. Your experienced solar installer also knows the incentives, credits and other cost-saving programs to help you lower the cost of the project.

Licensing and Insurance

A solar panel project is a costly and extensive investment. Consider the safety of your home during the project and use a licensed and insured solar installer. Licensing means the contractor works under a set of regulations set by the government and licensing body.

The insurance protects you against liability in case of an accident. The insurance should be adequate to cover any damage to your home and must also cover the workers on site.

Reviews and Recommendations

In this age of technology, you can easily find information about any service provider in your area. A local search for the best solar installers in the city gives you invaluable feedback to help you make the best choice. Read reviews and testimonials and where possible reach out to other homeowners to get referrals.


A reliable solar installer has confidence in the quality of services they offer. This is why they offer workmanship warranties for your protection. This warranty covers the work done and can extend from a year to 10 years or more. You have peace of mind when your solar installer offers such guarantees because you know the system will work smoothly.

A home solar installation project is a long-term investment and you need the best solar contractor to work with. Use these tips to find a reliable, reputable and resourceful solar installer in Columbus, OH.

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