What to Expect at Your Free In-Home Solar Consultation with Total Solutions?

Solar Consultation Arizona

Free In-Home Solar Consultation with Total Solutions

Once you’ve set up your appointment day and time to sit down, congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step on your way to seeing your savings and possible having clean energy!

One of our highly trained, knowledgeable Solar reps will come to your home on the day of your appointment that you chose. He will be doing a quick inspection of the attic. There are a few things he will be looking for, but not to worry, it will all be discussed beforehand.

Afterwards, you and your significant other will have a chance to go over all questions and concerns you may have. All of the data and math of your savings and benefits will then be presented to you. As well as all of the warranties, what Total Solutions offers for incentives and other energy saving services. We will go over our proposal drawn up by our engineering team. This proposal is 100% customized to your home and energy needs. If any other energy saving services are needed, the details of those will be gone over as well. This is a great opportunity to bundle roofing or insulation needs.

Any other information needed to see if your family qualifies will then be gone over. We highly suggest writing down any and all questions you may have in the days leading up to your appointment. 

The Total Solutions rep will then show you your possible contract and warranties if you so choose to move forward. The whole appointment is informational only and no pressure will be applied. It is a very easy and friendly appointment and process. We also offer some incentives for referrals!

Total Solutions is here to make your solar experience as great as possible!

After reviewing how solar can benefit you as a homeowner, your solar representative from Total Solutions will walk you through all your financial options prior to signing up. Typically, most solar installers offer a power purchase agreement, a lease, or an upfront purchase. On average, most people tend to find that a PPA or lease tend to work for them financially — you won’t own the system, but you’ll save money each month. However, owning your system allows for you to receive all of the tax benefits offered and add property value to your home. Among many other financial benefits Total Solutions does not require any upfront payment. Engineers have proposals made up in real-time and catered to your home and your electricity usage, so you’ll know what you’re signing up for. Once you’ve decided to go solar, Total Solutions will work with you to get your system installed and activated as soon as possible.

After signing your initial solar agreement you’ll first have a complete assessment of your property. Once accurate measurements are taken, the installer will complete a customized system design for you that will suit your roof shape and size.

After assessment and design are out of the way, Total Solutions will work with your local municipalities to approve permitting paperwork leading up to your installation. After permit approval is complete, they will be calling you to schedule your installation.

Installations can vary anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on a few variables.

Installation steps:

  • Mounts are aligned and bolts to the top of your roof rafters
  • Panels are attached to the bolted rails and connected with piping
  • Panels connect to your power inverter
  • Any other upgrades or energy solution products will also be installed/upgraded
  • The solar provider you choose with handle all of this for you – you just need to approve a block of days that they can complete it, weather permitting.

Following your installation but prior to activation, some locations may require final inspections before the utility company grants PTO (permission to operate). Once confirmed and all steps are completed, you can start using cleaner energy immediately, and savings will be reflected within a few months following your last traditional electricity bill cycle.

Total Solutions offer excellent customer service to answer any questions you have about your system, and will offer maintenance when needed, as well as 24/7 monitoring of your production.

Congratulations! You now have a solar home!

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