Rooftop Solar Panels Installation Arizona

Rooftop Solar Panels 

With 299 days of sunshine every year, Arizona is one of the best locations to harness solar energy. Consumers here have to grapple with a relatively high cost of electricity (about 12 cents per kilowatt-hour).

Despite the potential for clean and more affordable solar energy, the percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar stands at only 7.02%. However, the last few years have seen a shift with more investment in solar energy, more consumer interest and favorable regulations to boost the solar industry.

If you are a homeowner here, this is the best time to install rooftop solar panels. Multiple tax incentives and the availability of cutting-edge solar technology make it easier for consumers to join the solar energy revolution.

Total Solutions is one of the leading solar energy solutions provider AZ. Partnering with us helps you maximize solar power benefits through high-quality rooftop solar panels, professional installations and zero-down financing.

This post explores some issues around rooftop solar panels to help you make an informed choice.

Regulations for Rooftop Solar Panels, AZ

For a long time, Arizona has lagged behind in solar energy installations due to regulatory shackles. In 2019, the announcement of new rules by The Arizona Corporate Commission (ACC) for installing solar systems and other clean energy systems changed this.

The interconnection rules unlocked potential in the industry, making it easier for installers to work from one utility to the other. Consumers also got more options for rooftop panels for their solar energy projects. The adoption of similar standards has seen more consumers taking advantage of cheaper, cleaner energy.

Working with an experienced solar installer in your city ensures your project meets all regulatory standards. The installation company understands any inspections, licenses or fees required for the rooftop solar panel installation.

Choosing Rooftop Solar Panels

Before buying rooftop panels, you need to consider some factors. Take a look:

  • Type of Solar System

You can choose an on-grid system where you integrate your solar panels to the grid system. The grid system kicks in when the solar panel is unable to supply enough power.

The off-grid system, on the other hand, doesn’t link to the grid system and instead has batteries for power storage. It is ideal when the grid system is unreliable.

Hybrid systems combine the on-grid and off-grid system. There’s power storage in batteries and homeowners can feed excess power into the grid system and get revenues.

  • Your Home’s Energy Needs

To determine the size and number of solar panels, your solar installer will evaluate your home’s monthly electricity usage. This helps determine the viability of the solar system. In Arizona, most homes qualify for solar systems due to the availability of sunlight all years round.

  • Feasibility of Rooftop Solar Panels

Your solar installation company will also consider the following when designing the rooftop solar system:

  • The physical condition of the roof (do you need repairs?)
  • Shape and size of the roof
  • The direction of the roof slopes in relation to the sun
  • Weight capacity of your roof to carry multiple panels
  • Roof drainage
  • Potential dangers such as severe weather
  • Ease of grid connection

If you want to get the best out of your rooftop solar panel installation, you have to identify a licensed, reputable, reliable solar installer in Arizona. Total Solutions offers full-serve solar panel installation, including designing, financing, and solar panel maintenance. Contact us today for a free quote for your solar needs.

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