How to prepare your home for solar installation?

preparing home for solar installation

As the people of Arizona are getting more aware and concerned about climate change. People reducing their dependency on traditional sources of energy. This has prompted a switch to home solar installation for deriving maximum benefits from solar power.

This environment-friendly measure not only decreases your electricity expenses but also provides you many tax benefits.

But before you prepare your home for solar installation, you have to take certain measures. Given below are the steps you need to take while preparing your home for solar installation:

Steps to prepare your home for solar installation:

1. Determining the energy requirements of your house

Before you even start installing the solar energy system, make sure that you are aware of the total electricity consumption at your home. Once you are done with the estimation of the energy requirements of your house. Now you can decide how much of the energy would you want to be produced from the solar installation.

This calculation would help you in deciding how many solar panels are required in your house as per your energy requirements.

2. Deciding the place of solar installation

For placing solar panels, you will need a bright, sunny spot in your house that receives most of the sunlight during the day. Given these requirements, you will have to use your roof for placing those panels.

You do not need to worry if your house roof is not a good place for solar installation. What you can do is, you can have those panels installed at the ground of your house through a ground mount solar system!!

3. Be aware of incentives

You can reduce the cost of solar installation significantly through way of solar tax incentives offered by the Arizona government. Now you can avail of the tax incentive worth up to 25% of the solar panel cost up to $1,000. Further, the federal government also gives the 26% tax credit for encouraging homeowners to go solar.

4. Deciding whether to use solar batteries or not

Your home would not receive the power if the grid-tied solar system goes down. To avoid such a situation, you can use solar batteries and store energy in them for your future use.

Of course, installing solar batteries is costly, and could affect your household budget. Therefore, you can take the call regarding their installation considering your financial goals.

5. Ensure that your roof is not damaged due to the solar panels

If you are installing a roof-mounted solar system. Be aware that it can bear the additional weight of these panels

While preparing your home for solar installation, make sure your solar installer assesses the roof of your house properly and determines that the roof would not require any additional support for solar panel installation. You can contact us for getting your repaired or replaced if it is old and unable to have solar panels on it.

6. Keep your place ready for the installation

Solar installation is an easy and non-invasive process where solar installers won’t have to do many complex works if the place for solar panel installation is clear and fine.

Make sure that you have kept the way clear and accessible for the solar installers. where they have to keep the panels, meter, battery, and other important things.

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We hope you got the idea about the steps required to prepare your home for solar installation. Choosing the right solar installer will help you to install panel quickly.

Therefore, get the solar installation services from the trusted company Total Solutions Phoenix, and contribute to the making of the sustainable future of Arizona. Thanks for reading!


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