Off-Grid Solar Power systems in Arizona

Off-grid solar system Arizona

An off-grid system is a renewable solar energy system that works independently of the electrical grid. With the off-grid Solar system, solar system owners are independent of providing power to their homes. The off-grid solar system relies on batteries to store the electricity generated by the solar panels. These types of systems are quite useful, especially for those living in more rural areas.

Installing an off-grid solar system from Total Solutions in your Arizona property will allow you to be self-sustained on a clean source of renewable energy.

Benefits of off-grid Solar systems

These systems provide many benefits because of which many people decide to go off-grid with their solar system. Some of the main benefits of off-grid solar systems are listed below:

  • Cost Savings

Having off-grid solar systems means that you will not be using or using very little energy from a utility supplier.  You do not have to pay a hefty monthly electrical bill if you will completely cut ties with Energy Company.  The off-grid system owner, on average, saves 20,000 dollars in most states of US.

  • Avoiding Power Outrage

When you are using the electrical grid, you can do nothing if there is a power outrage. With off-grid solar systems, you would not go through these blackouts. Therefore, it provides you an added protection as energy is stored and ready for potential disasters.

  • Energy supply option for Rural Areas

In rural and remote areas, energy supply is one of the most significant problems. Connecting to the main grid is generally very challenging or expensive. People living in rural and remote areas can save money by using an off-grid solar system. You are a perfect candidate for off-grid systems if you live in an area where utility provided electricity is too expensive.

Even if you do not want to leave the energy from the electrical grid completely, Off-Grid systems are a great option for saving some amount of money and having protection in case of a power outage. Off-grid solar systems allow you to have an extra supply of energy for a situation when your main power source fails. This will ensure that your power supply is never affected by outages.

Total Solutions provides Off-Grid solar power systems for homes and businesses in Arizona. We provide the best quality of off-grid solar power system with the best price for our clients. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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