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Soalr Installation Arizona

Arizona Solar Installers

Arizona Solar Panel Installer Top-Rated Solar Company in Arizona Despite Arizona boasting abundant renewable energy resources, high cost of energy is a major concern for residential, commercial and industrial consumers. Traditional energy sources including natural gas, nuclear power, and...

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Solar Panels

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Homeowners in Arizona stand to make immense savings in electricity through solar-powered systems. What’s more, the cost of solar systems’ installation has dropped significantly over the last decade. Multiple federal solar incentives have also eased the financial burden of...

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Solar for home

Solar Panels for 2500 sqft Home

A solar-powered home in Arizona is cheaper to run and you will reduce your carbon footprint while at it. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about frustrating power disruptions due to an unreliable grid system. But while solar...

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Industrial Solar Panels

Solar panels are not only becoming increasingly common in residential areas but even large companies have started to get involved and spend on them. The installation of solar energy on business establishments can insulate industries against rising energy prices....

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Arizona Solar Tax Credits

Arizona Solar Tax Credit

Arizona is a land of sunshine with about 299 sunny days every year. This makes the Grand Canyon State a perfect location to harness the immense power of the sun for electricity.  It is one of the many renewable...

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Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions Arizona

Arizona Solar Solutions Arizona is designated as the solar capital of America. It has huge potential to generate solar energy. The sun is one the Grand Canyon’s most abundant natural resources, and it’s no wonder the state is among...

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Off-grid solar system Arizona

Off-Grid Solar Power systems in Arizona

An off-grid system is a renewable solar energy system that works independently of the electrical grid. With the off-grid Solar system, solar system owners are independent of providing power to their homes. The off-grid solar system relies on batteries to...

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