Solar panel working

How do Solar Panels work?

Solar panels are devices used to absorb and turn the sun’s rays into electricity. The solar panels work by absorbing sunlight with solar cells, that generate direct current (DC). Solar cells are defined as a device through which individuals can create usable electricity by...

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Solar Energy

Why is Solar Energy important?

Solar Energy is important to us because it is an infinite, non-polluting, and free source of energy. Still, many do not realize solar energy’s importance. One day we will come to know its importance when fossil fuel has been exhausted from Earth, so why...

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Qualify for solar

How to Qualify for Solar Panels

If you’re a homeowner in Arizona, installing solar panels to power your home is a smart decision. The Grand Canyon State enjoys months of sunshine every year, making it easy and more affordable to harness this natural energy source. While solar systems’ costs have...

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Industrial Solar Panels

Solar panels are not only becoming increasingly common in residential areas but even large companies have started to get involved and spend on them. The installation of solar energy on business establishments can insulate industries against rising energy prices. In general, commercial solar arrays...

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Arizona Solar Tax Credits

Arizona Solar Tax Credit

Arizona is a land of sunshine with about 299 sunny days every year. This makes the Grand Canyon State a perfect location to harness the immense power of the sun for electricity.  It is one of the many renewable energy resources which have made...

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Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuelx

Advantages of Solar Energy over Fossil Fuels

Solar is a power source that can be used without releasing greenhouse gases or other harmful by-products. Solar energy is the most reliable source of clean and renewable energy. We can use this energy directly for heating water, lighting, even cooling, and many other things....

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Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions Arizona

Arizona Solar Solutions Arizona is designated as the solar capital of America. It has huge potential to generate solar energy. The sun is one the Grand Canyon’s most abundant natural resources, and it’s no wonder the state is among the leaders in residential solar...

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