What’s The Best Time To Install Solar Panels in Arizona?

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What’s The Best Time To Install Solar Panels in Arizona?

Are you finally ready to install the solar panels at your place and confused about what is the best time to install them?

Getting solar panels installed for your household comes with a lot of factors and questions in mind. One of the most common ones being- “When should I install them?”

At Total Solutions, we look at each and every aspect of our work from your point of view. So, today we are here to answer a quite simple yet important question of when to get your home solar-ready.

Read this piece till the end to know all about getting those panels up and running.

Solar Power in Arizona

Arizona has always been one of the leading states in the country when it comes to solar power generation.

According to a study conducted by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the state had 52.93 megawatts of solar installations. This makes it the state with the third-largest solar capacity.

With an average of 299 days of sunshine, Arizona certainly has an untapped resource of energy guise as the sun with them.

Keeping all of that above in mind, adopting solar energy makes all the more sense in Arizona. Moreover, Arizona Public Service (APS) has been quite proactive in the adoption of solar energy throughout the state.

When Should You Install Solar Panels in Arizona by our solar installers?

This turns out to be one of the most common questions out there for households who are willing to go solar.

Most of the households in Arizona tend to go solar when the summer is right at their door. While this might seem to make sense, it deprives you of many benefits. Hence, it is usually preferred to not postpone your solar panels installation plans till the summer days.

In order to ensure that your installation isn’t rushed and is properly done, the best time to install solar panels is during the spring and winter months.

Why Should You Consider Spring or Winters The Best Time To Install Your Solar Panels?

Well, it makes all the more sense when you factor in all the situations. Spring or the later months of winter even can turn out to be the perfect time to install solar panels in your households.

  1. You Save More Than You Use

When you install solar panels during the winter months, you use lesser energy than you would during the summers. Moreover, Arizona being an efficiently sunlit state, you might have plenty of sunlight to get your job done.

  1. Overcome The Rush

As we stated above, it’s the onset of summers, when most of the Arizona households tend to install solar panels. While that might seem like a logical decision, but you aren’t alone. Most of the others might be thinking the same.

Hence, the extra rush might lead to an even further delay in your solar panels installation plans.

  1. Be Summer Ready

On average, it takes around 60-90 days before your solar panels are up and ready to use. In case, you get them installed in the middle of the summers, you might not even get a proper chance to bring the panels into action. Getting them installed in the non-busy months makes the entire process more financially viable.

  1. Extra Credits Through Energy

As we stated above, Arizona’s ample sunlight helps in solar energy generation effectively all year round. Utility companies tend to provide extra credits for all this energy produced, which the homeowners can use in the summer months. So, getting the solar panels installed in winters or springs helps you receive those extra credits for the hot summers.


When it comes to solar panels, there are many questions that might pop up in your head before you get them installed.

While you might think that it is a tough job to get solar panels installed at your place, it actually isn’t when you get the right solar installers on board.

We at, Total Solutions, know what you need, depending on your property and requirements. Our solar installers visit your place, understand your requirements and provide you with, what is the best time and the best technical information that you might need

If you are looking to get your home solar-ready, then feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to assist you with any of your questions.

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