Arizona Solar Tax Rebates

As a homeowner, you’re always on the lookout for home upgrades to make your home safer, aesthetically appealing, comfier and cheaper to maintain. Solar panels have emerged as one of the most popular home improvement projects in the country. Since 2018, installations have grown 35 fold to produce about 62.5 gigawatts (GW).

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight into electricity, which you can use for multiple application in your home. Solar energy storage is also possible and you can become fully energy-sufficient using this renewable energy system.

This post looks at some top benefits of installation of solar panels for your home.


One of the biggest expenses in any household is electricity. You use electricity for multiple purposes from lighting, heating/cooling to appliances and other applications. The cost of electricity has been steadily rising over the last decade and as a household owner, you have to find new ways to cut on this cost.

Solar panels can generate enough energy to power your home and reduce your electricity bill. In areas with many peak light days, it’s possible to move fully off-grid and eliminate your electricity bill once and for all.

While the cost-savings differ depending on the size of the solar system or your home’s location, you can save over $1,000 per year in your electricity costs. Most states have net-metering rules, which means you can offset your bill through credits gained by an excess generation of solar panel’s electricity.

Energy Independence

With solar panels in place and a good solar energy storage system, it’s now possible to cut reliance on the national grid. Recent outages in some states have caused frustrations for homes and businesses. You can avoid the normal disruptions that occur by having a backup energy storage system for your solar panels.

Eco-friendly Energy

As the concerns of global warming and the consequences become clearer, homeowners have to play a bigger role by cutting reliance on fossil fuel-powered energy. One way of doing this is by going fully solar for your home.

Solar energy is clean and renewable and you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint and contribute big to saving planet earth. There are incentives and credits that come with sustainable electricity projects in most states, and these add to the cost-benefits of your solar panel system.

Increasing your Home’s Value

Your home is a highly valuable asset and you should find ways to maintain or improve this value. Many homeowners today look for energy-efficient homes. Your solar panels can make a huge difference for your home’s appraisal, and you can get a better price if you decide to sell.

Return on Investment (ROI)

When thinking of a home upgrade, look for a project that will pay for itself. Solar panels eventually pay for themselves in a couple of years depending on the type and size of the panels and location of your home. The initial cost might be higher but the savings are immense which means you enjoy higher ROI for the project.

Thinking of a home improvement project that lowers your cost of home maintenance, allows energy independence, has a high ROI and is also eco-friendly? With solar panel installation, you get this and much more. Look for the best solar installer in your city to enjoy these amazing benefits of solar.

At Total Solutions, we offer comprehensive solar installation solutions from site assessment, energy audits, solar system design and installation to maintenance. Contact us today for reliable and comprehensive solar energy solutions.

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