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Arizona is designated as the solar capital of America. It has huge potential to generate solar energy. The sun is one the Grand Canyon’s most abundant natural resources, and it’s no wonder the state is among the leaders in residential solar capacity. With multiple federal tax incentives now available, it’s easier for property owners to maximize the benefits of the sun’s cleaner and cheaper energy.

Unfortunately, Arizona is quite behind in fulfilling its clean energy objectives. Simultaneously, the government is assertive and established a standard of renewable energy that is directed to accelerate developments of renewable solar energy in Arizona. Many large-scale solar panel projects are in progress and more are planned for launch in the future. In addition to large-scale solar energy projects, there are also various small-scale solar panel projects being developed in Arizona.

To leverage the benefits of solar energy, you need to partner with a reliable solar solutions provider in Arizona.

Solar Solutions in Arizona

Total Solutions offers comprehensive solar services and has built a reputation for reliability and innovation. The company’s deep insight into Arizona’s solar industry helps them deliver world-class solar solutions. Total Solutions provides a great efficient solution for producing electricity in rustic areas of the state that are far from the main grid.

Various businesses deliberately choose Arizona solar solutions to reduce their carbon trail, save money on electricity and endorse consumer benevolence for their business through liable energy consumption.

While considering solar solutions for your business, there are the essentials to remember:

Solar Panel Installation

The immense cost savings offered by solar power have seen a surge in the number of solar power installations across the country. Behind these installations are highly qualified companies with licensed NABCEP certified technicians to do the job.

The installation job starts with an evaluation of your home’s electricity needs. It determines the number of solar panels you need, the size of the system, and the location of the panels on the roof. The solar installer will have to evaluate the location of your rooftop to design a system that fully utilizes the available sun’s energy.

Your solar installer should have the capacity to handle any solar system you want for your home. They should also have the capacity (skills, resources, technology, and equipment) to source the components for your system.

When buying any solar power system components, check for an installation warranty. Better still, ask if there’s a statement of service agreement as this might be required when applying for tax credits or other solar incentives. 

Solar Panel Maintenance

One big advantage of solar energy systems is the fact that they are low maintenance.  With time, however, you might notice your system is underperforming. This requires professional inspection, and only an AZ Solar Solutions Company should do the job. The company sends technicians to carry out diagnostic tests and identify the problem. Whether the modules require repairs or repositioning, your solar installer should provide a solution.

These professionals also work to optimize the system’s components to guarantee optimal performance and savings. Other maintenance issues that might arise include:

  • Roof leaks
  • Critter guard installation
  • Meter swap
  • String inverter replacement
  • Solar monitoring system failure
  • Module replacement
  • Full system health check
  • Module cleaning

Solar Panel Financing

Even with federal solar incentives, many homeowners can’t afford the upfront costs of buying solar panels, batteries, inverters, wiring, and labor costs. Solar financing options come in handy at this point.

An established solar installation company will offer a zero-down loan to allow you to finance the whole project. Such financing enables you to start enjoying the cost benefits of solar energy without leaving a hole in your finances. It is a great way to add value to your home without straining your finances.

Why Work with an AZ Solar Solutions Provider?

To get the best out of your solar power system, you have to get the best installation company. Total Solutions is your go-to company for all your solar solutions needs in Arizona.

From site assessment, energy audits, solar system design and installation to maintenance, we do it all. Contact us on +1 (888) 973-4754 for reliable and comprehensive solar energy solutions.

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